A la recherche du temps perdu

"This mad game of writing."
—  Stéphane Mallarmé

as quoted in Maurice Blanchot’s The Infinite Conversation, trans. Susan Hanson

"I send no string of pearls,
no bracelet — accept this."
—  H. D., from “Sea Garden" in Collected Poems

So I picked my summer reading list for 3:AM Magazine.

What are you reading?

Robert Bresson, Four Nights of a Dreamer, 1971

Robert Bresson, Four Nights of a Dreamer, 1971

"Reading in no way obliges us to understand."
—  Jacques Lacan, Seminar XX, trans. Bruce Fink

"I have rarely desired an end
to my desires."
—  Kathleen Graber, from “Book Nine" of The Eternal City

"Desire is no light thing."
—  Anne Carson, Autobiography of Red

He Chongyue(via wood s lot)

He Chongyue

(via wood s lot)

"And thus the heart will break, yet brokenly live on."
—  George Gordon, Lord Byron, Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage

"Borne by the darkness.
I met an immense shadow
in a pair of eyes."
—  Tomas Tranströmer, The Great Enigma, trans. Robin Fulton

"I am that shadow on the threshold
defending my remnant peace."
—  Anna Akhmatova, from “Poem Without a Hero,” in Poems, trans. Stanley Kunitz and Max Hayward

Anne Carson, Plainwater

Anne Carson, Plainwater

"Give me your premonitions, give me your book, give me your prodigious memory,
give me the blue gaze from your dark eye, give me the devotion of your sleeping birds."
—  Valerie Mejer, from “from the wave, the way,” trans. Forrest Gander

"Let me look at you in a light that takes years to get here."
—  Solmaz Sharif, from “Look

"It hurts me to know this.
Exit wound, as they say."
—  Anne Carson, Decreation