A la recherche du temps perdu

"I’ve been here before, dreaming myself
—  Yusef Komunyakaa, from “Confluence

"For speaking either truth or comfort
I have no more tongue than a wound."
—  W. S. Merwin, from “The Nails

Francis Bacon, Head II, 1948

Francis Bacon, Head II, 1948

"So many fires start in my head."
—  Brenda Shaughnessy, from “Big Game

"Sometimes, like love, the neurons just cross fire.
You don’t get everything back."
—  Patricia Kirkpatrick, from “Survivor’s Guilt

After deleting my old Goodreads account, I’m trying to regain lost friends and book buddies on there. Some of you have locked accounts!

Please befriend me again there if we used to be friends; if we did not used to be friends on there, then please feel free to follow my reviews, if you like, as I’m not really soliciting new Goodreads friends at this time: rebuilding the profile is my current priority!

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Robert Walser

Robert Walser

"One must not develop a taste for mourning, and yet mourn we must."
—  Jacques Derrida, The Work of Mourning, trans. Pascale-Anne Brault & Michael Naas

"I must kill memory once and for all,
I must turn my soul to stone,
I must learn to live again—"
—  Anna Akhmatova, from “The Sentence" in Complete Poems, trans. Judith Hemschemeyer

Ilya Schtutza
(via mpdrolet)

Ilya Schtutza

(via mpdrolet)

"Even when I’m in the dark I’m in the dark with you."
—  Alice Fulton, from “Triptych for Topological Heart

"A poem can be made of anything."
—  William Carlos Williams, from Kora in Hell in Imaginations

"There was no Purple suitable —
You took it all with you —"
—  Emily Dickinson, from “[1320]

Artemisia Gentileschi, Judith Slaying Holofernes (detail), c. 1614-20

Artemisia Gentileschi, Judith Slaying Holofernes (detail), c. 1614-20

"This mad game of writing."
—  Stéphane Mallarmé

as quoted in Maurice Blanchot’s The Infinite Conversation, trans. Susan Hanson