A la recherche du temps perdu


K. Thomas Kahn


Critic and contributing editor at 3:AM Magazine. Read my call for submissions to get a sense of the types of pieces I’m looking to read and consider for publication.

Select Criticism:

"Generation Gap: On Reading Doris Lessing’s The Diaries of Jane Somers While Watching My Father Die.” Berfrois, June 2014.

" ‘The Flood of Recollected Images Begins’: Review of Josef Winkler’s Natura Morta and When the Time Comes.” Numéro Cinq, February 2014.

" ‘Begin with the Scars at the Bottom’: Review of Jason Schwartz’s John the Posthumous.” 3:AM Magazine, October 2013.

"Reading Gerald Murnane’s Landscapes with Proust." Music & Literature, Fall 2013.

" ‘Where Auschwitz Starts Logic Stops’: Imre Kertész’s Dossier K.” Berfrois, May 2013.

"Review of Cees Nooteboom and Max Neumann’s Self-Portrait of an Other.” Music & Literature, April 2013.

"Century of Dislocation: Renata Adler’s Speedboat and Pitch Dark.” 3:AM Magazine, March 2013.

"Walking with Walser: On Robert Walser and Elfriede Jelinek." The Quarterly Conversation, March 2013.

"Breakdown not Breakthrough: Kate Zambreno’s Heroines.” 3:AM Magazine, December 2012.

"Review of Barry Webster’s The Lava in My Bones.” Book Slut, November 2012.

"Lamenting the Modern: On Zadie Smith’s NW.” The Millions, September 2012.

"Review of Gerald Murnane’s Inland.” The Quarterly Conversation, September 2012.

"Dancing with the Devil: László Krasznahorkai’s Satantango.” Los Angeles Review of Books, July 2012.

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